Not All the Good Ones Begin with “J”: Campo Azul Tequila a Product Review

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Once upon a time I thought that all the good ones begin with a “J” – Johnny, Jack, Jim and Jose. As I matured, or maybe simply became a more experienced drinker I realized there was more to life, but true to my first loves I prefer whiskey and tequila drinks. Recently I received the gift of Campo Azul Tequila, Blanco; an agave tequila and have now had time to enjoy it and also find out what all the “hype” is about with agave tequila’s.

First, some background on Agave Tequila. 100% agave tequila is made of blue agave. Agave has four major parts that are edible; the flowers, leaves, stalks and the sap, which is much like honeyed water. Agave tequila is made from the sap. Due to regulations in both Mexico and the United States agave tequila must be made with only Weber Blue Agave plants, precisely created in accordance with strict regulations and is only produced in certain Mexican states.

Campo Azul Tequila, Blanco is one of the select series of Campo Azul products. The Blanco is clear, not the golden color normally recognized and drunk by many as a reposado tequila. This tequila is 100% agave tequila made from Weber Blue Agave plants that are within Campo Azul’s own plantations to insure quality and production. These plantations are located in the Los Alto de Jalisco region. The alcohol level is 80 proof. Formally this tequila type is known as “white.

In order to create the Campo Azul Tequila the plant is first baked for 24 hours and then it “rests” for another 24 hours in order to begin the remainder of the production process. A more modern method of production is to use steam pressure cookers, which eliminates 7 of the 24 hour cooking process. It is then shredded and fermented and tested for contaminants at a University research center. It is aged in white oak barrels inside a cellar built underground. It is available in the U.S. in both 700 and 750 ml. One other very unique attribute of this tequila is in the packaging, as a hologram covers the top of every bottle to proof its quality and authenticity.

Price of Campo Azul Tequila: $23.99

My experience with Campo Azul Tequila: Let me start by saying my husband is a beer critic. As a result we quite often are dicussing and drinking beers of many different types and flavors. So, it is a welcome change to be able to enjoy and discuss a liquor from time to time, that I enjoy.

The clear color of this tequila is different from what I am used to, as the majority of tequila’s I drink are the golden. The aroma is subtle with tones of citrus and a hint of pepper. At first sip, the peppery taste and aroma becomes more pronounced followed by a smooth, honey flavor. This tequila is perfect for sipping; I think it may be wasted on shots as you won’t achieve the full flavor and smoothness. On the rocks or chilled brings out more citrus flavor and tones down the pepper flavors.

Next, I tried Campo Azul in a margarita. All I can say is give me more! I now understand the “hype” over pure agave tequila margaritas discussed in many restaurants. The use of this tequila in a margarita does bring it to a whole new level of enjoyment. There is of course the debate over agave nectar or Triple Sec or Cointreau, continues and the use of real lime juice – preferably fresh squeezed is absolutely essential in my opinion for a truly delicious margarita, in a rocks glass, no lemon or salt.

Here is your margarita anecdote for the day: Did you know that the use of lemons and salt came about as a result of an influenza epidemic in the 1900’s where people were told to use the salt and lemon to kill bacteria?

However, if frozen margaritas are your drink of choice, don’t waste this tequila on it. The icy drink and use of the blender dilutes the true flavor of the drink.

Would I buy it again? Would I recommend it?

Definitely. Overall, Campo Azul Tequila Blanco is a steal at $23.99. This tequila is definitely a quality liquor perfect for casual drinking, sipping, on the rocks on in a Margarita. It is definitely worth the few extra dollars more than some other inexpensive tequila’s to be able to enjoy the flavor of this drink. The extra steps in the process of the production simply add to the uniqueness and quality of its flavor.


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